Your World is Online Too

I’m such a hardcore stalker! 

I was going through a clients Facebook the other day. 

Because I’m a stalker like that. 😉 

They were with me in a session so it doesn’t count. haha

As I was scrolling through my stomach began to turn into knots.

Negativity after negativity over and over again as I scrolled through the feed.

I won’t mention any of it. Because no one needs to hear it.

The client was struggling with depression, anxiety, and has been in a grumpy mood. There were some other things that contributed to it.

But you can’t heal in the same place where you got sick.

It just confirms that the people we surround ourselves with the most impact our world.

Doesn’t matter if it’s online or not.

AND THANK YOU for being such great friends here on Facebook. 

I’ve met some great people here on Facebook and it’s been a great tool for me and I hope it does for you too as well! 


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