Would you fight back?

Would you fight back after you had a guy go after you at your job?

That’s what Myles Garrett did at the end of beating the Steelers which was a big win for them. It came with literally 10 seconds left in the game.

He literally ripped off the QB’s helmet, Mason Rudolph and smacked him with it across the top of the head. I’m surprised it didn’t do more damage. He popped him pretty hard.

Next came a huge brawl in the endzone with players from each team jumping in.

It was crazy to watch. Never seen anything like this.

It was interesting to see how each coach and player approached it after the game.

The common message on each side was, “Control Your Emotions.”

Which I disagree.

That’s why it happened in the first place. He held the anger inside. Then it built up to a point where Myles didn’t have control anymore because he filled up. We all have our tipping point. His was low because there was something else underneath the anger.

Anger is a secondary emotion. There is always another emotion underneath the anger. The goal is to CHANNEL THE EMOTIONS into something that will help you WIN.

Its hurts players and team because it does 1 of 3 things.

Projection: a person starts pushing others on the team around to believe or do something.
Repressive: holding in our anger which leads to negative mindsets and changes the function of our body anatomy and physiology aka affecting performance
Expressive: dumping our anger onto others emotionally, mentally or in this case physically.

It’s definitely a hard learning experience that he doesn’t have to go through if he takes the proper mind and body processes.

The first step would be identifying what subconscious mindset that led him to doing what he did. Because it wasn’t logical. He was in an emotional state where all logic shuts off in our mind and body.

When you identify the deep subconscious (root) messages then you can strengthen the root and re-calibrate the mind for success.

It all starts in the MIND.

Mindset is getting more and more important in today’s game. It’s not just about doing the best but being the best. Tom Brady has a mindset that operates well above everyone else. Although he physically isn’t the best.

Garrett… give me a call I’ll offer you a FREE Strategy Session. It will change your life. Let’s make this mess that comes back to create an inspirational message.

Don’t let this break you down. Let it be the reason you build back up.

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