Why I love Tom Brady

In honor of the 2019-2020 football season coming to a start, I believe I speak on behalf of so many fans of Tom Brady 

Dear Tom Brady,
I first just want to say thank you for your inspiration.

Thank you for being an example to me through your work.

You taught me it’s never too late by starting your career as a freshman in high school and waiting to play as a sophomore.

Through your years at college you taught me the ultimate example of resiliency.

Through working up to a starter position, after starting at 8th string then being taken from the position, but being able to re-claim it.

Being drafted at 199th I learned that sometimes people will not think you’re enough. But that’s just because they just haven’t seen enough of who you are.

I empathize with you for not having natural talent or natural strengths but overpowering the odds with a powerful passion and heart.

As a speaker, you inspired me that I need to look at my own game film even if I performed badly.

By seeing you continuously hiring a coach, it has always reminded me that transformation isn’t something you can get on your own and not something that anyone can give to you.

Regardless if you win or lose each week and each year in the Super Bowl, you come back and put in hard work which reminds me to never let success get to head and never let failure get to your heart.

Through all the wrong accusations made towards you never fired back at them. It helped me see that not everyone will see your heart but to always give them yours back.

I learned through your career that your greatest gift of leadership is just living what you lead.

You taught me that to be great I must sacrifice what others aren’t willing.

You never talk bad or speak dark of anyone.

You only see the light of your competition.

I know a lot of people tell you to quit.

Commentators speak as if you are greedy.
They don’t understand why you still play..

But I do.

Love drowns out fear.

The love is inspiration and not fearful motivation.

You’re inspired to play a game you’ve loved your entire life.

You’re inspired to change the way people think about their bodies through your TB12 Method.

Your TB12 philosophy is Next Generation and you’re living proof that age shouldn’t hold us back to doing great things in life.

I know why you do it…

It’s for LOVE.

Thank you for the teachings.

Thank you for being an example.

Thank you for sacrifice.

And THANK YOU for the greatest gift of all…LOVE.

Me and so many others appreciate your example.

It has done more than just win championships.


Your distant cousin,

Travis John Brady


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