Why Have A Slogan

What’s a brand slogan and why does it matter in your brand and business?

Ever hear the quote, “If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything”?

A brand slogan tells the world what you stand for and/or what your company believes.

People work with people they KNOW, LOVE, & TRUST.

Your slogan is meant to build those 3 things.

Take a look at some popular brands.

Harley Davidson: Screw it, Let’s Ride

Apple: Think Different

Disney: Where Dreams Come True

Dodge: Grab Life By The Horns

Subway: Eat Fresh

Is it hard to choose one? Under Armour has had a number of slogans over the years.

“I Will”

“Protect This House”

Their new one is: “The Only Way Is Through”

One of my new favorite commercials nailed their slogan!  It’s Jack Daniels Whiskey. The slogan was, “I’ve Always Wanted To Do That.” (I’ll leave a link below to check that out) It’s pretty epic!!!

The slogan should mean something to you and your ideal client.

3 Most Common Slogan Problems.

  • 1. The slogan is only for your audience. You are your brand. Anytime you build a slogan that you’re not in alignment with it feels inauthentic and over time that weighs on your soul. Plus, your ability to influence people with your message goes down because if you don’t FEEL IT then other people won’t FEEL IT.
  • 2. The slogan is only for you. People do business with people who share the same beliefs. If you generate a slogan that only means something to you and not the ideal clients then you lose the ability to influence the clients you want. So essentially your marketing becomes harder because your message isn’t connecting with them.
  • 3. The slogan is just words. People make choices based upon how they FEEL FIRST. Then they back up with the logic to support their EMOTION. You do it. I do it. We all do it. When you just have words that you thought sounded cool with no emotion linked to them it doesn’t have the same influence. Hence why you remember very little from school. It was all logical data. Again we remember things better when there is more emotion linked to it.

So how do you create an amazing slogan that people remember?

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Do you have a slogan or catchphrase you use? Drop it below!

I do believe you are so incredibly powerful and influential! I believe your unique, innovative, and different experience has led you on a path to create something Next Gen.

Own that and don’t let standing out scare you from your influence!

Be Next Gen. (There’s mine) 😉

I really do believe you have something that people need.

The World Needs You. (There’s my other one) 😎

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