I’ve noticed that there are different types of coaches in each field. We sometimes feel as a coach that we must all have the same type of back story. But honestly, I feel within each one of these there is strength and power.

Ultimately, I feel like it would be good to embody all 4 energies but we all will have a primary and secondary energy. I have studied the shit out of the archetypes and I think it’s important to not only know who WE ARE but WHO OUR CLIENTS ARE AS WELL.

Which one are you?

The Lover

The Lover: This is the person who fell into transformation and now they can’t deny it’s power. They don’t want the spotlight or want to brag over what they have experienced or learn. But they know the power of transformation and can’t ignore the power it can give in someone’s life and constantly fights their natural urge to go behind the scenes. They feel like they must do it because it is their purpose. They have the purest love and heart to give transformation to people.

The Magician

The Magician: This the person who hasn’t necessarily blazed the trail but they have learned from the top people that have. They have discovered truth and sifted through countless resources to find what creates transformation the fastest. They have gained their mentors and coaches knowledge and expertise by being around them and seeing the world through their eyes. They bring those strengths together to create an ultimate source of transformation. They know the secret tricks and processes to create transformation.

The Warrior

The Warrior: This is the person who has fought in the trenches. They personally know what it’s like and experienced the darkness of life’s battles. They have fought alongside other coaches that have died in the battle. They have waged against hard wars to bring back the hidden gems that no one
else has ever seen. They have the strongest insights and nuggets of any coach. They are very intense about the powers of transformation.

The King/Queen

The King/Queen: This is the leader and visionary whose goal is to lead their people into a world they didn’t know existed. They have a great gift of leading and communicating transformation to the world. They know the quest and have the map to create transformation. They sit on their throne to show people what is possible in their lives. They have achieved the ultimate goal of the people. They believe people can create a kingdom in their life through transformation.

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