What Will Be Brady’s Branded Legacy

After watching Tom Brady and the Bucs fall to the Cowboys on a Monday night in the Wild Card round the only thing a Brady fan could do at that moment is take a deep breath in and repeat, “He’s still the goat and he still gave me a lot of great games.” 

Heading into the game Tom Brady was a 7-0 against the Dallas Cowboys and unless you’re a cowboys fan…America loves to see America’s Old Branded name, “America’s Team ” lose. However, that wasn’t the case. The Cowboys won every quarter of that game and easily took care of the Bucs. It was a little of a surprise but if we’re being honest, emotionally and mentally stable fans (which is not the average fan) then we are really not that surprised. The Tom Brady interception in the end zone was the biggest surprise but it seemed all downhill from there. 

No one was more excited to see Tom Brady come back for this season. It was frustrating watching such a high powered offense never quite get the rhythm it needed to win games consistently. Each week we held hope that this was the week. As frustrating as it was, it was probably much more for Brady as he had a tough year. However, how many people in the history of the world did what he did? Or could do what he did?

 Look at all he battled this year.

Going through a divorce-He went through a very public divorce that was highly talked about and there was a lot of speculation on why they split. At the end of the day I was never really a huge Giselle fan. I liked her but I just felt like she always gave Tom Brady shit for playing football and I felt like she played a bit of victim when it came to her career with reports of her saying, “I had to put my career on hold for him.” I’m sure Tom Brady never forced her to put her career on hold. On the outside looking in Huge applause for both of them going through it so amicably. I mean how would you like all your private shit documented and talked about for the whole world to hear? Who is leaking things? Who is being honest? It would be tough at times. However I don’t really think many people will feel too bad for them. 

New head coach – I don’t think any fan felt good about what Todd Bowles did this season. You were rooting for him as a black head coach but I just think he is more of a defensive coordinator than a head coach. I just felt like they played so conservatively throughout the year. Personally, I would have wanted Bruce Arians. Bowles seems too calm to me. 

Injury after injury – All year long the offensive line was battling injuries. Not to mention their All-Pro center was out the entire year. Throwing him in the last game is a tough spot regardless if you are an all-star. 

Now the million dollar question we’re going to be speculating all year on is…


My question is, “Where should Tom Brady go next year to continue to build his branded legacy?” Here are a few scenarios ranked from most likely to least likely along with the pros and cons. 

  1. Fox Commentator: Will he finally step away and be up in the booth as a commentator? He got offered a nice 10 year deal worth $375 million.

Pros: How awesome would that be to hear the game from his perspective? Not something you heard a lot of over the years. I think he gives Tony Romo a run for his money. 

Cons: Are we really going to be ok knowing that he had a bit more juice in him… in addition ending his career on somewhat of a bad note? Even Steve Young admitted this guy can still throw the ball! Will Sunday’s ever be the same without seeing Brady? 

  1. Stay In The Bay: Returns for his 4th year in Tampa Bay with a weak division makes it easy for another playoff berth.

Pros: Tampa Bay still has a good team infrastructure to build upon with the Bucs. On offense keep the main core players together then add some strength to the line, one more pass catcher, and another running back that can break it open. On defense strengthen the secondary a bit and then add another DE that can rush the QB. Also I think he could have his jersey retired in 2 stadiums when it’s all said and done.

Cons: Players are getting a little older. Todd Bowles hasn’t sold me on being that coach. There are going to be some free agents that may want out or to make more money. Part of a Super Bowl team is the majority of players playing at or below their price tag. Bellichick was good at that over the years.

  1. Take talents to South Beach: Heads to Miami Dolphins where he is supposedly building a house? Tua hasn’t shown much consistency whether it’s playing or actually being in the lineup. He could also benefit from watching Tom Brady. 

Pros: Imagine Tom Brady throwing to Hill and Waddle with Wilson in the backfield? Man that sounds explosive. He is close to home and doesn’t have to move his kids out of state. The wild card in this whole change of team is there is rumor that Sean Payton wants to come back and coach. 

Cons: Does he really want to face Bill and Allen twice each in a season? Do you really want to face Herbert, Mahomes, Burrow, Allen, in the AFC? The NFC isn’t as stacked as the AFC. 

  1. Viva Las Vegas: There’s a lot of talk of him going to Raiders. How would fans take him in after the fumble play still seems so fresh?

Pros: Josh McDaniel’s is a close relative of Bill and has had the most success with Josh as an offensive coordinator. They have the best run game in the NFL along with arguably the best receiver in the game with Davante Adams. They lost 4 games by a touchdown or less. That’s easily made up through Brady. Carr is mediocre at best. He isn’t your Super Bowl QB.

Cons: Are the Raiders that good? There’s a question about the defense. Does he want to move his kids to sin city? 

  1. Bring on the Gold Rush: What would be better than Brady ending his career with the team he grew up loving.

Pros: I mean the branding story on this one? Can you imagine the way the fan base would embrace him. Debo, Mccaffery, and the offensive line is a gold mine. The defense is second to none.

Cons: Will 49ers actually want Tom Brady for 1 maybe 2 seasons. They have 3 pretty good QB’s to choose from. I can’t trust Jimmy G or Lance because of injury. Does Purdy prove himself in the playoffs? I think that’s the X-factor. 

  1. Who Dat? The Saints still have control of Sean Payton’s contract and there’s rumor Tom wants to play with Payton. 

Pros: Their defense has always stomped Tom Brady. If you can keep the core together and give Brady some real test in practice it would be like iron sharpening iron and it would be dangerous. Sean Payton and Tom Brady would be good at recruiting players. 

Cons: Does Tom Brady want to break the hearts of Tampa and go to their division rival? That would be a tough place to go. Him leaving the Pats was more Bill than it was Brady. The fans wouldn’t take it as good. But should Brady care? Also the saints didn’t have a good season. Are they really a few players and a coach away from a Super Bowl. 

Other Honorable Mentions:

Tennessee Titans: His old teammate and friend Vrable is the head coach. The King Henry could take a load off his throwing. I just don’t know if I really see it happening. But it’s a fit. 

New England Patriots: Let’s lay this to rest. Brady doesn’t want to play for the overly strict Bill and I don’t think Bill wants him either. Let’s just reminisce on the past with these 2. 

Anything else than these scenarios would shock me. But whoever thought the Bucs? 

Overall here are some questions Brady needs to consider for his brand legacy:

  1. Do I love football that much to start it all over again? I don’t think people really understand the commitment mentally, emotionally, and physically. Tom Brady really loves football. He loves the process. That’s important. Players say I play for free, you have to pay me to practice. He loves it all. Probably not all the time and after 23 years do you still love all of it. His exercise and nutrition brand TB12 is already an industry and even human changing business. To play till 45 at his level. He changed the limiting belief of aging in all of us, even myself. I wonder if Tom could do it? Why can’t I do it? Playing again would only add more attention to the TB12 Method unless the year is catastrophic. However I don’t think he would give it a go without putting himself in a winning environment. 
  1. What can I sink my competitive edge into besides football? Yes, there is no other platform like it. Playing in front of millions of people with the championship on the line is probably unlike any other feeling. However Gronk looks like he’s having fun hosting parties, events, and appearances without getting hit. There’s still a competitive part of business and his newly formed apparel business called, “Brady Brand.” By the way… Thanks for the underwear. I love them! Being a commentator is still going to demand lots of time and travel. However I think Brady deserves to share his wisdom and boast on his accomplishments a bit more. Yes, we know it’s about the team. However you personally have a lot to share. 
  1. What time and experiences do you want to have with your kids? I have to believe his kids and family haven’t gotten the most attention. Tom Brady has mentioned his hero is his dad. His dad spent a lot of time with him over the years playing sports. Is Tom Brady going to look back and regret not being with his kids more? I think quality is more important than quantity with family time. However, is the lack of time with your kids over the years needed made up? Maybe it doesn’t? 

Overall thanks Tom Brady! You’ve inspired me and so many more in so many aspects of leadership, competition, fatherhood, and just being a great person. We all look forward to your future ventures. I don’t care where. I don’t care who with. I would love to see you continually play football! It’s been awesome to see what businesses you’ve built off the field. An example every athlete can admire.

Regardless of what you do. You’ve already marked Brady in the legend books. 


Brady built his brand by being conscious about his brand. He has an agency 199 Productions which based upon his draft pick in 2000.

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