The Questions We All Have For Tom Brady As He Turns 45

Happy Birthday to Tom Brady! On September 30th 2021 the 24 year old Tom Brady started his first game against Hall of Famer Peyton Manning beating them 44-13. Fast forward 21 more years and now in about 4 weeks Tom Brady will begin his 23rd season as a 45 year old man.

Tom Brady has won 7 of 10 Superbowls which is more than any other NFL team. In addition to 5 SuperBowl MVP’s, 3 season regular MVP’s, 15 pro bowl selections, 14 conference champions, with many other records. Which is why he is termed the GOAT. Hands down. You can’t argue it. Put your biases aside because you sound really dumb when you do try to aruge GOAT status.

We should really appreciate watching a living legend play football. Because there is a lot to learn from someone who can consistently play an important leadership role on a winning team.

So here are three questions we all have…

How are you able to play that long?

Why do you still play?

What more do you have to accomplish?

How is Tom Brady able to perform at a high level at 45?

Every year or sometimes it feels like every week we see a combined picture of Tom Brady standing shirtless in a very relaxed position looking like an ordinary non-athletic college student. Only God would’ve known that the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft would be Tom Brady that becomes the GOAT. In 2004 Tom Brady was introduced to Alex Guerrero after traditional therapy wasn’t working after an injury. At one point the Doctors said he 100% needed surgery. He called his trainer Alex Guerrero and they were able to rehab back to complete normal with never having another problem again. After that who wouldn’t be a believer? They dialed in his nutrition plan and coupled it now to what is called the “TB12 Method.” Coming from an Exercise Science Degree background working with thousands of athletes over the years I would very much agree the CORRECT training program with consistent nutrition is a game changer. The Next Gen of sports performance is going to be these principles that he has been practicing.

This leads us to the next 2 questions…

Why do you still play football? What else do you have to accomplish?

The body is only as strong as the mind allows it to be. He has a stronger mindset. Sometimes we refer to this as the, “Heart of a Champion.” When it comes down to it. He loves the game. He has plenty of money. It’s not the money. He takes middle-grade team-friendly contracts year after year. So you can’t say it’s for the money.. But that doesn’t mean he’s not making any extra.

Off the field, his message to the world is that proper exercise and nutrition can transform anyone’s life and elongate aging. He wants to be a part of Next Gen performance with his business “The TB 12 Method” as the front runner. He’s proving a point. His performance at his age speaks for itself. He has the perfect story for the TB12 method going from average Joe to Goat status.

In addition, he just started the Brady Brand. (Why didn’t I think of that first? Dammit! It made so much sense)The high-level performance fit wear is inspired by Tom Brady. I do say.. The baby blue Bradyunderwear fits really well too! Winning in football allows his other sub-brands to be successful. He is another example of athletes who have made more money outside of sports than playing sports. Plus he has a nice comfy seat waiting for him in the booth commentating games for 10 years at 375 million, which is worth more than his23-yearr playing career combined. Crazy!! So why not head to retirement faster?

If you have watched any of his documentaries, Tom Vs Time & Man in the Arena. You will see the guy just loves football. I don’t think his wife loves the idea… but that’s just through speculation in the media. But what wife loves all their husband’s brilliant ideas?

The truth is progression is happiness. The thing that makes champions is their ability to never be satisfied with what they accomplished. I believe you ain’t done till you’re dead. Why not keep pushing the ball forward in all your loves in life? To be able to accomplish what he has with what he was given is inspiring. His story and transformation inspires me and gives hope even to the average.

Thank you Tom for your influence on me. You are the GOAL. (Greatest Of All Leaders) Even though we are distantly related, I will always refer to you as Uncle Tom! I made sure that my son Tatum had the initials T. Brady.

I look forward to seeing you on Christmas Day in Arizona. We will be sitting right behind you on row 1 at the 50-yard line.

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