The Best Leaders Don’t Lead

What leaders do you follow on social media?

Tony Robbins. Grant Cardone. Gary V. Brendon Burchard. Dean Graziosi. 

Why do you follow these people? 

The leaders we follow on social media make us feel better about ourselves as leaders. 

How do you become a leader like these that truly influence people?

Most people will never become this type of a leader because they have a false definition of what “being a leader” really represents.

The bigger problem is more people are becoming “learned leaders” instead of “true leaders”.

We are in an age of false confidence in our knowledge and actions of leadership.

The true leaders are not even the best leaders.

The true leaders are the best followers.

The true leaders follow a higher purpose or a goal.

The true leaders let their actions speak louder than their words.

The true leader has followed a journey and has a vision to share with those who are on that path. 

They are great followers. That’s a core reason why people follow them. Because that leader too, represents a version of them.

Most companies will promote those people who are the ones following the best out of everyone else. Captains of sports teams are usually the ones who have followed the coaches guidance the best and have the respect of other players. You’d almost never see a leader who was promoted to lead a team of people if that person didn’t first support the purpose. The leader needs to be an inspiration to continue following the journey. Otherwise the team slowly starts to fall apart. 

We all are leaders in different parts of our lives. It could be a person that was once overweight and is now in shape. It could be the person that has made thousands in the real estate market and was able to quit their job because of it. Or it simply could be a man who is in a great marriage and now inspires other single men as well.

The best leaders are the best followers.

People connect with leaders who share similar beliefs, ideas, and emotions and it comes from true empathy, which is the ability to experience the feelings, emotions and thoughts of others.

It comes through the experiences of being a follower. Gary V talks about being in the trenches of your own business all the time.

We empathize with leaders because they inspire us through their journey they have followed.

As the saying goes, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

A learned leader has just memorized the information.  A true leader leads from a rich experience of the past from failure and success while on their journey.

Through this journey they learn true, tangible, valuable, and important wisdom that they share as a leader.

It’s not about getting and having. It’s about BEING & BECOMING.

A true leader is not just inspiring them on what they can have. It’s about who they need to become and what skillsets they need to embody.

As a true leader leads in this fashion, through real moments in time of what they thought and how they acted. (Aka BEING & BECOMING)

We need more true leaders in this world. 

In order to have a better world, we need leaders who are not just leading us, they are following with the rest of us. 

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