The 4 Levels of Marketing

Over the years I’ve noticed that each business owner falls into one of these 4 categories of marketing philosophies.

How important is your marketing philosophy?

It’s everything.

Philosophy is essentially what are your truths, principles, or being of conduct that you operate within.

Below are the common 4 I come across.

Level IV: The Waiters

These business owners sit back and wait for the phone to ring. They are hoping that their clients, friends, or family refer them. They don’t have any real strategy. They just throw shit up against the wall. Nothing really works because they never work anything long enough for it to work. They believe they haven’t learned the right marketing strategy yet and usually seek free resources that are too vague to ever become successful at.

Pros: At least they’re doing something right?

Cons: You can’t scale chaos. There is nothing consistent to improve upon.

Common Limiting Beliefs: I am not good enough. I am afraid of things not working. I am afraid of being a failure in front of others. I am not confident about what I offer.

Level III: The Flashers

These business owners have some great tactics but don’t have an overall strategy. They make random posts about their products, services, and WHAT they do. Their strategy is hoping that people see them and reach out. They have just enough results to continue following what they have been doing because it works to some level.

Pros: Eventually you get something back when you keep putting it out there.

Cons: Tactics don’t work effectively with no strategy. Sometimes it comes off as too salesy.

Common Limiting Beliefs: I already know what I’m doing. I don’t need any help. People just don’t know about me.

Level II: The Educators

These business owners are really smart at their craft. They understand that education is a big part of their marketing. They share a lot about the WAY they operate compared to other competition. They have 1 maybe 2 strategies they are following with a steady flow of results. They love to use facts and figures. 

Pros: When people feel educated they feel more confident in making choices.

Cons: They don’t realize that information doesn’t work without a transformation of deeper beliefs. Battling information can push people’s buttons in the wrong way.

Common Limiting Beliefs: People just need to be educated. I know more than everyone else.

Level I: The Influencers

These business owners understand that clients that share the same common beliefs will usually do business with them. They focus on influencing people aka how they feel about themselves. They focus on WHY they do what they do instead of WHAT they do. They have 3 or more strategies they have been consistently operating that they are continuing to scale. The sales process is very dialed in and is not “Salesy.” They know that facts tell and stories sell.

Pros: Influencing people is the key to marketing.

Cons: If there isn’t a good education then they may miss out on the logical buyer.

Which category are you in?

No one will be able to market your business better than you. Don’t ever give your marketing aka YOUR BLOOD TO YOUR BUSINESS to someone else to market. Your foot should always be on the pedal and your hands on the steering wheel.

If you want your marketing to get better, then you have to get better at influencing. That’s why a big part of our programs include leadership events, storytelling training, and personal development.

Continue to grow. Continue to influence yourself.

Everything starts with your world!

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