The 3 Components of A Next Gen Brand

Show me one major thought leader or influencer today who hasn’t focused on building their brand.

~Brendon Burchard

You can’t get 10x without branding.

~Grant Cardone

People need to be very thoughtful about building a brand right now because it will be their brand that gets them through the dark times.

~Gary V

“Building a brand is stupid.” That statement is very true if all you believe the branding is – is having a logo.

Branding is so much deeper, strategic and absolutely imperative for people’s success. The reason why so many businesses fail early on is because they don’t build the foundation of their brand. 

If a business is struggling in their marketing, in the how, where, when, and what, then it’s usually that they didn’t brand.

If a business is struggling in their hiring process they didn’t brand their culture.

If a business is struggling with their sales they didn’t build a solid enough brand.

If a business is struggling with most aspects of business it usually comes back to the brand.

So what are the 3 Components of what makes up a brand?

If you look at every major brand they will have these 3 key elements.

The simple formula is: 


Whatever someone BELIEVES they will DO and whatever they do will create what they HAVE.

Your brand starts with your beliefs/identity/thinking/mindset

  1. BE

What does your brand believe? What is its core identity? Your business is you at its core. Steve Jobs was the founder and creator of Apple Computers. Apple was an extension of who he was. Apple is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs believed in thinking differently. Steve Jobs said this in one interview early in his career: “What do we stand for? We’re not about making boxes that help people get things done. It’s more than that. It’s a core value – we believe people with passion can change the world.” His identity and message still lives and always will live in apple. What is your purpose? How is your brand changing the world?

“There is no reason not to follow your heart”

~Steve Jobs

  1. DO

What makes your products/process/formula better than everyone else? What’s unique about it? Two companies could believe similar things but the WAY they do it or how they operate can be the difference in whether their customer buys or not. Henry Ford built the Ford company using strategies and philosophies from other industries. He learned about creating a gas engine from a german engineer. He learned from Edison Electric company when he worked there earlier in his career. He learned about the assembly line from a meat company and applied it to making cars. He discovered Vanadium Steel in Peru which was stronger and lighter than regular steel. He brought all these factors together to make Ford Next Gen. What is your formula for success? Usually it comes from multiple components all put together in one.

“If I would have asked people what they wanted they would have said: “Faster Horses”

~Henry Ford

  1. HAVE

The old definition of branding is when they would take a hot iron and burn a mark into livestock that people owned so they could tell which animals were theirs. What is your business mark? What separates it from others? You can’t put a 20 dollar label on a million dollar message. Look at every major brand and company in the world: they all have uniform symbols, logos, and graphics that are world-class, that have evolved with time. Look at Under Armour and how they evolved their graphics and logo over the years. Have you seen Apple’s first logo? It doesn’t even look like the same logo of the apple icon we see today. We interpret 65% of the world through our eyes. The visual appeal of your brand is important when identifying yourself as a leader in your industry. 

“It was all started by a mouse”

~Walt Disney

You will constantly see examples, out in the world, of this formula: BE-DO-HAVE. 

What’s your brand? How good is your foundation?

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