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Hosted by Travis Brady, the Purpose of This Podcast Is To Teach All Coaches How To Create A 6-Figure Income & Impact Millions of People" Your host Travis J. Brady, leading Transformation Coach & Leadership Speaker share his 16+ years of experience in the coaching industry and shares Next Generation transformation tools to help transform clients and blow up your bank account at the same time.


Entrepreneur Weekly + Travis Brady

...How you deal with your experiences helps define your identity and the Coach’s Coach, Travis Brady of Next Generation Coaching, explains how choosing a positive path can lead to success. He also tells us how he learned to look past his physical attributes and realize that he was capable of conquering his goals. Tune in for Travis’ tips on guiding others with what you had to learn the hard way., Entrepreneur Weekly

The Next Generation Principles of Transformation eBook

This E-book is primarily dedicated for personal trainers, life coaches, consultants, speakers, or any type of leader that wants to help people create transformation in their life.

I have been in the coaching industry for more than sixteen years. I have been around thousands of coaches and I have coached hundreds of others in their journey to create an impact in this world.

I have learned some really POWERFUL tools, processes, principles, and exercises. I am super passionate about working with trainers, coaches, speakers and influencers, and my purpose in life is to lead and give light to the Next Generation of Transformation.

In this book, I am giving you a very vital piece of that information. These principles are not the be all, end all, but they will put you ahead of 90% of coaches out there!