Just wanted to share a personal insight…

I found out that I’m going to be a father!

Before we got the official news my wife and I have been talking alot about having a baby.

Honestly, it scared me a bit….Was I really ready to take my God-like features and create a soul? Was I ready to be DAD? I mean the extra holiday would be great though! 

I want to be the best father. I want to raise kids who are hard working, outgoing, loving, caring, smart, friendly, and have a genuine moral compass.

I though, “I’m going to be tough on my kids! They will need that motivational push!”

As I thought about it more…

I want them to be POWERFUL. 

I thought about all the things I’ve learned over my life.

I thought, “Man… how could I be what this kid needs?” “How could I possibly give the experiences the baby needs to have a great life?”

Am I really ready to make the sacrifice? Do I need to make more money for this baby first? Do I need to have more time for this baby?

I want this baby to have all the POWER! I want them to be unstoppable! 

I want the baby to grow up and be able to accomplish anything! 

I want them to have THE POWER to do anything they wish to achieve. 

Do I know enough to give them this knowledge? How do I get them to accept my knowledge. I want to give them the MOST POWERFUL thing in this world. 

I then started to look at my childhood. 

Did I listen to my parents? Did I accept everything they taught me?

HELL NO!! Haha

I then thought deeply about that…

I started to think about all the mindset processes that I could use to get my child to listen to me better than I did with my parents. Haha.

I then started to think about myself.?

Did I ever listen to my parents advice?

I’ve been able to find the power to get through any experience that came my way and experience happiness and fulfillment.

I didn’t need money. I didn’t need stuff. I didn’t need information. I needed something more POWERFUL than that.


From my parents…

Something that I already had…

It was true Unconditional Love.

Regardless of what I choose to BE.

Regardless of what I choose to DO.

My parents loved me.

Even when I back talked.

Even when I said I hated them. (Which I never truly did)

Even when I borrowed the car when they were out of town when I was 15 years old and didn’t have a drivers license. Haha

My parents STILL loved me.

They made me feel like I was powerful enough to BE & DO anything in this world.

They gave me love.

They inspired me through love.

That love helped me love myself more and feel like I could achieve anything in the world. 



Also, They were tough too. They pushed me because of that love.

Whenever they pushed me. I hoped that I never failed. I hope that I made them proud.

The truth is I always wanted my parents to be proud of me in what I choose to BE & DO in this world. 

They always hated seeing me CHOOSING into BEING & DOING something that didn’t make me happy. They pushed me away from things that weren’t serving to me. They wanted me to LOVE what I was BEING & DOING.

I hope they are proud. Just like any person on this planet wants from their own creator of this earth. 

We want the parents who gave us life…to accept our life.

Regardless if they are proud of everything I choose to BE or DO.

They have already given me the greatest gift of all…. SELF-LOVE.

They taught me how to GIVE & RECEIVE LOVE.

I love them so much for it. I accept and appreciate every part of my childhood. My parents love me a lot. 

And when I finally realized that love is all you need.

I was at peace with being a DAD.

As I appreciated and accepted my life. I came to accept that I was ready to bring in another life.

I just need to give them love.


They don’t need my permission to BE or DO anything.

I want them to do what they love.

Love will be their moral compass.

I’m a dad starting now. I can love now.

……and I’m probably going to be tough on them too! 🙂 

Thank you to all the loving parents out their. 

Including mine. 

Thanks mom & dad.

Travis J. Brady

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