Here is Why Change is Hard

Changing who we are can be hard!

But it’s harder for other people when we change.

I see it all the time.

People start going into a new path in their HEALTH, CAREER, and RELATIONSHIPS only to find their closest friends and family members subconsciously sabotaging them from doing it.

The fat group of friends who hang out eating all the time sabotage the person who starts changing their lifestyle.

The group of broke friends think that when another starts making money that their abandoning them and start turning their backs.

It’s hard for a person to maintain their path because they’re losing their tribe around them.

It’s called,

Identity Restraint:

When people see you as a certain person it’s always hard for them to see you as another.

But whose life are you going to live?

The number one regret in life with people on their deathbed is always this…

***They wish they would’ve followed their dreams and not what other people wanted them to do.***

You have to go to bed with yourself each night. Every single night. You have to decide what you’re going to live with each day. You have to decide who you’re going to be each day.

We have to understand that the next version of ourselves sometimes will mean different people around us. Not everyone wants to cross the bridge with you.

That’s why you hear over and over the same old quote.

“You are the average of your five closest friends”

Be Inspired. Be Strong.

Be Who You Want To Be.

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