Fuck Your Information!


When I started in this coaching industry.

I got my degree in Exercise science hoping that I would get everything I needed to run a successful business.

I exited my degree with no job. No money. No confidence. 

Just a stupid investment that left me more stuck.

Why? Because they didn’t teach me how to run a business. IT WAS JUST INFORMATION. They just gave me information and taught me how to circle answers on a stupid paper.

I got certification after certification hoping that the more I knew the more it would help me.

It didn’t.


I was hoping that I would have more confidence with each certification I did.

It didn’t.

The more information I got the more I confused my clients.

The brain doesn’t understand information. We don’t change because of information. If it did work we would all be successful in everything we do. We are not computers. Yet, we treat ourselves and people like one. 

We are unconscious and emotionally driven creatures. 

You will never know all the right answers. 

You will NEVER be a good enough coach with information. 

You will ALWAYS be a good enough coach with your experiences.

So FUCK your information. 

They don’t mean shit to nobody. No one hires me of what I know. They hire me because the dark I’ve had to go through to get the light and results of building a coaching business.

Your clients hire you because of the dark you’ve been through and the light you’ve received after going through the dark.

SOOO….Fuck your information again. 

The moment you try to coach someone with information you just messed them up. Because NOW THEY THINK they need more information. Because they took on your same limiting belief as you.

The goal is to learn how to better share our EXPERIENCES AND THE HUGE IDENTITIY SHIFTS we had during that time.

Your client’s identity is the key to everything. Aka WHO THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE.

If someone has a negative or loser identity you can give them all the tools in the world and they will still lose.

If someone has a positive or winner identity you can give them all the barriers in the world and they will still win.

When you help them shift their identity into something powerful, you just gave them the greatest gift. 

If you try to give them a road map to success without changing WHO THEY BELIEVE they are internally then it will never work.

This applies to relationships, business, and health.

A person who has no value in themselves will never commit to an exercise program. Then they go around looking at different programs trying to find the easiest one to follow. Then they bad mouth you as a trainer because you didn’t’ get them to their goal. 


Success isn’t easy. Success is simple. 

I’ve seen people get amazing results on bad programs.


Because the person had an identity shift. An internal shift.


Nothing works externally until you work correctly internally. 

That’s my message to the personal trainers and coaches out there.

That’s why the majority of coaching doesn’t work.

It’s not facilitated correctly.

A properly facilitated program will always beat a PERFECT INFORMATIONAL MAP.

Every. Damn. Day.

Which is amazing! You don’t need countless data, information and knowledge. 

That’s soooo cool!!!!

We need stop lying to people saying that it’s JUST the lack of information. 

Again, if you believe a map fixes the issue you are doing a huge disservice to your client.

When I started learning about facilitating programs properly everything changed with myself and with my clients.

Want to know how to facilitate properly for your clients?

Join the movement.

The Next Generation Coach Movement. 

I will be teaching how to facilitate proper program this week in the group.

Something I wish I had years ago! I totally made my coaching much harder then I should have. 

I love you. I want you to win.

I also don’t want you to get stuck in the dark shadow of the magician thinking you need to know more.

You need to know YOU more.

You need to know PEOPLE more.

The more you know that the bigger you will create your movement. 

PS. Fuck this information 😉 haha 

Be Next Gen.

The World Needs You.

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