Dear Son

Dear Tatum,

It’s your dad and I’m so blessed to have you as my son.

I love you so much.

I am you and you are me. It’s crazy to think how connected we are.

I prayed to God a lot about you as you grew in your mom’s stomach.

I wondered what the world would be like with you here…

I prayed so much over the time before you were born.

I asked God, “Am I really ready to be a dad?”

“How could I raise a man if I was still becoming one?”

“What do I still need to learn before I am dad?”

“What more did I need to be? What more do I need to do?”

I asked God these questions many times…

I never really knew if God listened or not. I never heard anything.

Maybe he really isn’t there.

Or maybe I wasn’t listening.

One night I started to cry because my soul felt so alone.

I tried so hard to hear and felt nothing.

I laid in bed with tears falling down my cheeks, I cried out saying, “God! How do I truly know if you REALLY ARE there?”

And for the first time I heard his voice. 

It was God.

It was so peaceful and certain.

He said, “I’ll SHOW YOU.”

3 months later on May 31st at 4:08am.

God showed me YOU.

And he said, “You get to decide how you want your world to be”



I felt a powerful new sense of purpose.

I felt the power of my soul connect to yours when you first opened your eyes.

I thought it was my job to inspire and lead you right now.

But you are really the one who is inspiring and leading me right now.

Tatum, you are my north star. You inspire me to be a better being, person and most importantly be a better father in so many ways in life.



You are going to teach me so many things that I know in my head and am still learning in my heart.

Like how to enjoy the gift of the present moment in the middle of Wednesday afternoon when it’s snowing outside.

How to receive the small things every day that life gives you that make experiences special.

That love isn’t what you receive from someone it’s what you give to someone.

To never become stagnant in any part of my life.

To let myself laugh when you are young whenever you do something innocently inappropriate and not be so quick to anger.

And to never lose faith. 



I will teach you so many things too that you will come to know in your head and learn in your heart.

I want to teach you how to take advantage of the moment at hand even when it’s snowing outside.

How to give the small things every day that life gives you that make experiences special. 

That you can accept love from someone because you want someone to accept the love you give.

To always be appreciative about every part of life.

To let yourself laugh past mistakes you make and don’t dwell on them.

And to always keep faith. 



I will say and teach so many things.

Maybe you won’t be listening even when I’m talking.

That’s ok.

Because I will show you. 

And I say, “You will get to decide how you want your world to be”


Your Dad.

#NoDadBodMentality #FatherFigure 

It’s your dad.

It’s my job to teach you how to work.

It’s my job to teach    

I don’t know if I’m ready to be a dad?  

Those were the thoughts that ran through my head at night after your mom told me

Could I really raise you to be a real man.

I still feel like I am still growing. How can I help raise a man when I’m still growing. 

I’ve thought about how my parents have raised me. They gave me everything they know how to give. 

It wasn’t everything I wanted. No kid gets that but what is even that? 

They gave me what I needed so I could get anything I wanted. 

They gave me love for myself. 

And that’s all I have for you Tatum.

Regardless of my mistakes, or your mistakes I will love you. 

Because I hope you give your love to the world is whatever manner that might be. 

I’m going to show you what I love and maybe you fall in love with those. Maybe it’s something else you fall in love with.father 

Inspiring people around you through your actions. 

Hopefully you learn some pretty great actions from me. 

I’m sure you will learn some that are not the greatest. 

At one point in time I will probably say do as I say and not as I do. 

In moments you do something funny yet wrong hopefully your mom is around to discipline you. Because I’ll probably be laughing at your innocence. 

I will tell you not 

I will get mad at you for things I’ve probably done as a kid. I will laugh when I first hear you swear and try to convince you it’s not a good word to use. 

Or maybe you just do that because that’s what God intended you to be. Its just you.

I am you. You are me. 

We are one. We are family. I choose you and I believe you choose me. 

I will be your North Star and when I am not you will be mine.

Actually… you already are my North Star. I look to you right now for inspiration. 

You make me a wanna be a better human being. 

You will inspire me to do bigger things. 

I believe God. For all eternity 

The reason why I wanted to be your dad is to show the world how amazing it can be. 

Right now you are my north Star. I want to look in your eyes every day and know you are proud of your dad. 

I am you and you are me. 

I will always love you. And if there is ever a time you don’t feel loved it is not that you are not loveable it is in fact me who does not feel loved. 

 I am excited for you to experience this world and it’s heavenly beauty. 

We will teach each other.

As you grow older you will ultimately decide your own path. 

You will decide who you are. You will decide what you do. You will decide what you want to have. 

I hope those choices are made in love for you and people around you. 

Carry the Brady name and it’s manifesto. 

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