Change is HARD!!

Change Is So Hard!

I wanted to share a quick story about what I hear from people alot when I work with them.

I hear, “Change is HARD!!” 


“Why does it take so long to change?”

Which is a valid statement. Behind those words are a common emotion we all feel.

It’s called, ‘Frustration’

Every emotion means something. 

Frustration means this:

What you are currently doing right now is not working.

So when we are trying to change we experience this emotion because things aren’t working as fast as they could be. 


So we must listen to our emotions in what they are saying.

One crucial part of transformation is understanding CONTRAST.

When we understand both sides of the situation we are able to approach it from a more clear standpoint. 

Most coaches, speakers, and other experts only share half of the equation.

It’s not just working hard but also working smarter. Right?

If we only share one side then we miss out on 50% of transformation! 

So I wanted to give you a free book called, “The Next Generation Principals of Transformation” 

This short read will give so much light and awareness to the top principals of transformation. 

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Hope these concepts will help you as much as they’ve helped me and my clients. 

If you know any personal trainers, coaches, or speakers I know this will help them out so so much!

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