The 4 Levels of Marketing

Over the years I’ve noticed that each business owner falls into one of these 4 categories of marketing philosophies. How important is your marketing philosophy? It’s everything. Philosophy is essentially what are your truths, principles, or being of conduct that you operate within. Below are the common 4 I come across. Level IV: The Waiters … Read more

Why Have A Slogan

What’s a brand slogan and why does it matter in your brand and business? Ever hear the quote, “If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything”? A brand slogan tells the world what you stand for and/or what your company believes. People work with people they KNOW, LOVE, & TRUST. Your slogan … Read more


There is never enough sacrifice to get you the results you want. What are you willing to sacrifice for results? Will you sacrifice sleeping in for being in better shape and having a 6-pack? Will you sacrifice  The Aztecs were an ancient culture who lived in what is known today as Mexico during the 14-16th … Read more