Change is HARD!!

Change Is So Hard! I wanted to share a quick story about what I hear from people alot when I work with them. I hear, “Change is HARD!!”  OR “Why does it take so long to change?” Which is a valid statement. Behind those words are a common emotion we all feel. It’s called, ‘Frustration’ … Read more

Here is Why Change is Hard

Changing who we are can be hard! But it’s harder for other people when we change. I see it all the time. People start going into a new path in their HEALTH, CAREER, and RELATIONSHIPS only to find their closest friends and family members subconsciously sabotaging them from doing it. The fat group of friends … Read more

I am NOT Perfect

I am not perfect. Neither Are you. Being a coach over the years I’ve learned 1 thing very well. Everyone has their shit they don’t show. I mean why would you? Why would you post yourself crying? Why would you post yourself fighting in a relationship? Why would you post about all the money you … Read more

The Hero, The Alter Ego.

I talk a lot about the King, Warrior, Lover and Magician. I refer to them alot because it’s easy to SEE AND IMPROVE OUR PATTERNS AND BEHAVIORS. Within each of these archetypes there are strengths, weaknesses, and darkness’s. One of them being the HERO… The DARK SHADOW of the Warrior is referred to as the … Read more

Top 5 Podcasts

So I was going through my analytics on my podcast “The 100k Coach’s Podcast” and was checking out numbers. I thought these would be top 5 most listened to episodes. The World Needs You How To Get Clients Part 1 How To Get Clients Part 2 4 . Where To Start Your 6-Figure Business How … Read more

Which Coach Are You?

KING-WARRIOR-MAGICIAN-LOVER  I’ve noticed that there are different types of coaches in each field. We sometimes feel as a coach that we must all have the same type of back story. But honestly, I feel within each one of these there is strength and power. Ultimately, I feel like it would be good to embody all … Read more

Why Be Next Gen?

I am super passionate about working with trainers, coaches, speakers and influencers. My purpose is to lead and give light to “The Next Generation of Transformation.” When people hear me say “Next Generation of Coaching,” I get all kinds of weird looks. Here is HOW I define it: Coaching processes that involve the mind and … Read more