The Best Leaders Don’t Lead

What leaders do you follow on social media? Tony Robbins. Grant Cardone. Gary V. Brendon Burchard. Dean Graziosi.  Why do you follow these people?  The leaders we follow on social media make us feel better about ourselves as leaders.  How do you become a leader like these that truly influence people? Most people will never … Read more

Would you fight back?

Would you fight back after you had a guy go after you at your job? That’s what Myles Garrett did at the end of beating the Steelers which was a big win for them. It came with literally 10 seconds left in the game. He literally ripped off the QB’s helmet, Mason Rudolph and smacked … Read more

Fuck Your Information!

Seriously. When I started in this coaching industry. I got my degree in Exercise science hoping that I would get everything I needed to run a successful business. I exited my degree with no job. No money. No confidence.  Just a stupid investment that left me more stuck. Why? Because they didn’t teach me how … Read more


There is never enough sacrifice to get you the results you want. What are you willing to sacrifice for results? Will you sacrifice sleeping in for being in better shape and having a 6-pack? Will you sacrifice  The Aztecs were an ancient culture who lived in what is known today as Mexico during the 14-16th … Read more

Why I love Tom Brady

In honor of the 2019-2020 football season coming to a start, I believe I speak on behalf of so many fans of Tom Brady  Dear Tom Brady,I first just want to say thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for being an example to me through your work. You taught me it’s never too late … Read more


Coaches if you want to learn how to help someone transform quick? Go to your client’s house and see how they live. You will learn so much about their daily habits and how to reprogram them to ger them in alignment for success. It’s insane! #TransformationOnSteroids A couple years ago I was at a clients … Read more

Your World is Online Too

I’m such a hardcore stalker!  I was going through a clients Facebook the other day.  Because I’m a stalker like that. 😉  They were with me in a session so it doesn’t count. haha As I was scrolling through my stomach began to turn into knots. Negativity after negativity over and over again as I … Read more