The 4 Evolutionary Stages of Scaling Your 6 & 7 Figures

How do you scale your business to multiple six and seven figures and live the IIT Life? Which means creating INFLUENCE, INCOME, & TIME FREEDOM. It all begins with understanding and implementing these Four Evolutionary Phases of Business.  The journey begins with working for a company and coming to the conclusion that trading hours for … Read more

Why did Tim Tebow get another opportunity in the NFL after 8 years and how it relates to branding and business?

“Tim Tebow only got that position with Jacksonville Jaguars because of white privilege and Colin Kapeenick didn’t get a chance because he was black.” That’s been the words echoing through the sports world the last week. Tim Tebow played his last snap December 30th 2012. He signed an official contract with the Jaguars and has … Read more

Facts Tell, Stories Sell.

What if the way you’re trying to sell your services, products, and programs was backwards?  What if the way you were taught to pitch things is being done in reverse order of how to influence people? As far as I know there’s no class in high school on how to influence people and there’s no … Read more

Top 3 Branding Strategies You Can Learn In Business From Athletes

What’s the difference between building a brand in business and building an athletes brand?  The short answer is nothing… They both want to create more influence, income, and even time freedom. Whether it’s a person, place, thing, businesses or organization everything has a brand mark. I call it “An Identity” It’s important for every athlete … Read more

The 4 Levels of Marketing

Over the years I’ve noticed that each business owner falls into one of these 4 categories of marketing philosophies. How important is your marketing philosophy? It’s everything. Philosophy is essentially what are your truths, principles, or being of conduct that you operate within. Below are the common 4 I come across. Level IV: The Waiters … Read more

Why Have A Slogan

What’s a brand slogan and why does it matter in your brand and business? Ever hear the quote, “If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything”? A brand slogan tells the world what you stand for and/or what your company believes. People work with people they KNOW, LOVE, & TRUST. Your slogan … Read more

The 3 Components of A Next Gen Brand

Show me one major thought leader or influencer today who hasn’t focused on building their brand. ~Brendon Burchard You can’t get 10x without branding. ~Grant Cardone People need to be very thoughtful about building a brand right now because it will be their brand that gets them through the dark times. ~Gary V “Building a … Read more