Facts Tell, Stories Sell.

What if the way you’re trying to sell your services, products, and programs was backwards?  What if the way you were taught to pitch things is being done in reverse order of how to influence people? As far as I know there’s no class in high school on how to influence people and there’s no … Read more

Top 3 Branding Strategies You Can Learn In Business From Athletes

What’s the difference between building a brand in business and building an athletes brand?  The short answer is nothing… They both want to create more influence, income, and even time freedom. Whether it’s a person, place, thing, businesses or organization everything has a brand mark. I call it “An Identity” It’s important for every athlete … Read more

The 4 Levels of Marketing

Over the years I’ve noticed that each business owner falls into one of these 4 categories of marketing philosophies. How important is your marketing philosophy? It’s everything. Philosophy is essentially what are your truths, principles, or being of conduct that you operate within. Below are the common 4 I come across. Level IV: The Waiters … Read more

Why Have A Slogan

What’s a brand slogan and why does it matter in your brand and business? Ever hear the quote, “If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything”? A brand slogan tells the world what you stand for and/or what your company believes. People work with people they KNOW, LOVE, & TRUST. Your slogan … Read more

The 3 Components of A Next Gen Brand

Show me one major thought leader or influencer today who hasn’t focused on building their brand. ~Brendon Burchard You can’t get 10x without branding. ~Grant Cardone People need to be very thoughtful about building a brand right now because it will be their brand that gets them through the dark times. ~Gary V “Building a … Read more

Dear Son

Dear Tatum, It’s your dad and I’m so blessed to have you as my son. I love you so much. I am you and you are me. It’s crazy to think how connected we are. I prayed to God a lot about you as you grew in your mom’s stomach. I wondered what the world … Read more

The Best Leaders Don’t Lead

What leaders do you follow on social media? Tony Robbins. Grant Cardone. Gary V. Brendon Burchard. Dean Graziosi.  Why do you follow these people?  The leaders we follow on social media make us feel better about ourselves as leaders.  How do you become a leader like these that truly influence people? Most people will never … Read more

Would you fight back?

Would you fight back after you had a guy go after you at your job? That’s what Myles Garrett did at the end of beating the Steelers which was a big win for them. It came with literally 10 seconds left in the game. He literally ripped off the QB’s helmet, Mason Rudolph and smacked … Read more