Coaches if you want to learn how to help someone transform quick?

Go to your client’s house and see how they live. You will learn so much about their daily habits and how
to reprogram them to ger them in alignment for success. It’s insane!


A couple years ago I was at a clients house doing some 1on1 coaching at their place.
While I was there, I was meeting the family. They had 2 kids that were older in their late teen’s and 2 younger around the age of 6. I think it’s always good to go above and beyond to boost the confidence of teens and kids because it has a huge impact in the kids self-esteem and how they develop into adults.

I started to notice what I could compliment the oldest girl about.

I quickly found out that she dances so I started conversating on what type of dance is her favorite and why? Which I do enjoy! (I’m just not a veteran as you might have seen! Haha)
Then the oldest popped in and started to share what she does with photography which I think is super cool as well!

Soon after I have the little 6 year old boy showing me how he can do a summersault on the floor. It wasn’t really a summersault. Haha But I made him feel good about it anyways.

Then moments later in the room I have the littlest tugging at my shirt wanting to show me their picture they drew.

Now I’m being mobbed by 4 people all wanting to tell me what they do! Haha

I thought man these kids sure like attention!

In that moment I saw a Human Evolutionary trait in full force.

But that wasn’t what they really wanted.

They wanted one thing. The one thing we ALL want.


They wanted to feel important.

We all want to feel like we matter and are important.
Today we live in a world where everyone wants to feel important.
Social media has made this evolutionary trait more dominate then ever before too.
We want to know that our opinion, life, information, work, knowledge and most importantly THAT WE ACTUALLY MATTER AS A PERSON.

We want to feel that we are SIGNIFICANT AND IMPORTANT.

Now there is nothing wrong with this. People judge it. People shame it.
It’s NOT that we seek significance it’s HOW we seek it.
In my next posts I will talk about the different HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY WAYS in which we seek this.

Because there are dangerous ways in which we seek it that can hurt ourselves and others.
& There are ways in which we seek it that transforms lives and helps people.
So stay tuned.

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