Travis J. Brady is the owner of Be Inspired Coaching and the creator of “The Next Generation Coach.”
His purpose is to spread the “The Next Generation of Transformation” by teaching influencers and
leaders on how to most effectively unify the Mind & Body  in order to create true alignment and internal transformation.

Travis has been featured over 2 dozen times on podcasts, radio stations, and major TV stations. He has presented and coached at many top rated companies and various sport organizations and high schools.

In his 16+ years of coaching, training, and speaking he has worked with thousands of people helping
them create transformation. Travis host’s a podcast called, “The 100k Coach’s Podcast” where he invites other leading coaches to share their gifts of transformation. He is a Board Member of the National Speakers Association. He loves watching and playing sports because he played throughout his childhood. He started a Foundation called, “To: The Next Generation” which gives kids the opportunity to play sports who don’t otherwise have the resources.

He is a well sought after mentor from trainers and coaches because of his long journey in the industry.

He is grateful for every opportunity he has to influence and coach people. He idolizes people who are
willing to take the lead in their life so they can influence the world.


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I have been in the coaching industry for collectively 16 years and a speaker for 7 years.

I love it! I love what I do!

What I love most is helping other personal trainers, coaches, and speakers create a transformational business that impacts people’s lives and in return creates for them a 6-figure plus income!

It’s been awesome to be featured on tv, radio and podcasts. I love speaking to audiences and hosting my own events.

I live the life I’ve always wanted.

But it wasn’t like that at first. I struggled just making a decent pay check to survive.

I wasted years on a Bachelor’s degree that didn’t do much. Spent money on certifications that just confused me more with information.

If it wasn’t for my mom inspiring me to continue I would have dropped off like so many friends and people in this industry.

Here’s the thing.

I wasn’t any better than them. I just learned the right way to do it.

I learned how to be unique, offer more value in my programs, get higher paying programs, and market myself while learning the ins and outs of business.

But the biggest thing that allowed me to create my business is TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOLS.

Tools that help people transform their mindset and hidden unconscious beliefs faster than anything I’ve ever seen or been taught. They are truly Next Generation coaching concepts that I’ve learned through various other high-level mentors that NOBODY is using! Which is crazy!

When I started applying these tools with my clients they got better results. They started telling more people. I started getting more referrals and making more $$$.

Through learning them I now feel this infinite purpose in my life to pass them onto other influencers who feel they have a divine purpose to help people and who want to level up their business to 6-figures and beyond.

I now have dedicated my purpose to teach coaches, trainers, and speakers LIKE YOU how to take these tools and apply it to your hidden gifts to create a big IMPACT & INCOME.

Please reach out to me on here or social media and let me know how I can help you create a bigger transformation in the world and a bigger income while you’re doing it.

Be Inspired. Be Strong.

The World Needs You.

Travis J. Brady