5 Top Coaching Niches & 5 Needed Niches for Coaching

Where You Can Make a Huge Impact and Huge Income

5 Needed Niches For Coaches

  • Videographer

The old saying is, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.”

The new saying is, “Video or it didn’t happen.”

Video is king right now and only getting bigger. Every coach and speaker needs a massive and consistently recurring amount of video. Good video. And like anything in life… you get better with time. Videographers will always have job security.

  • Website/Funnel Designers

Good luck trying to make it online as a coach without a good designer. People think that every coach already has one, but they don’t.  And 95% of websites I see out there TOTALLY need re-done ASAP. A bad website takes away from your message instead of adding. Your website is never completely done. It’s always evolving. But if you know how to do it strategically, then you will be busier then you can imagine.

  • Social Media Marketer

This is scary for a lot of people. Knowing how to take someone’s gifts and get them in front of the right audience who want to buy your services will make you very popular. This is by far the most difficult niche because it requires other aspects of the coach’s business to be in harmony.

  • Book Designer/Publisher/Editor

A book for a speaker/trainer/coach is like one of the top merit badges for marketing. They say 80% of people want to write a book but only about 1% do. Coaches are a big part of that 1%!  Knowing how to bring a book together and package it in a nice bundle will bring all the coaches to your yard!

  • Graphic Designer

Every coach ever needs sexy graphics, books, workbooks, handouts, Facebook covers, etc. to make them look legit. Sure, you can pay someone online to do it. You can make a little money if you’re too busy to do more than just pushing a few buttons. But if you have some psychology and strategy behind what you do graphically then you can easily find a full-time career here!

If you have any questions regarding any of these niches and want to talk further about yourself and what it is you do, I would love to talk to you about it. If I can’t help, I know a lot of great amazing people who can!

5 Coaching Niches

  • Dating Coach

I have listened to so many people talk about doing this that my ears could bleed. But I rarely see people follow through on it, which is a shame because there are so many people that need help with this. Probably more than ever before on the face of this planet. I get it, though. It’s a very out-there spotlighted position that requires a lot of confidence. But if you can follow through—ALL THE WAY THROUGH—you will be making a big impact and the income to match.

  • Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach

Yes, they are the oldest type of coaches, and they are the most common type of coach that people hire, but they aren’t going anywhere but up! The market is not saturated, despite what people might tell you.  There needs to be a lot more trainers. The government is making loads of money from people getting fatter and more out of shape. The sad thing is government initiative focused on reducing obesity really aren’t helping, they are just masking the problems. The world will always need more and better trainers, and those that know how to help their clients break past the subconscious mindset blocks keeping them stuck get major bonus points here.

  • Nutritionists/Holistic Health Coach

I could almost ditto what I said above about personal trainers and fitness coaches. One thing I will add is that our environment no longer allows you to be unconscious and unaware of what you’re putting in your mouth. 50+ years ago you could be unaware of what you were eating and still not struggle with health issues. Today? Not even close. If you can teach people how to do this right, truly right, you will see massive results with people. Again, bonus points if you can help them with their mindset.

  • Wealth/Entrepreneur Coach

Probably the #1 thing people seek after in this world is more money. Learning how to put together a system and plan to help people create wealth in their life will change generations to come. I do see the most crooks in this niche, because you can make amazing money doing it. Don’t let them scare you. Just decide you’re not going to let the crooks ruin it for everyone else.  Coaches who help people create more than just an external lifestyle get bonus points here too. You need to create an internal shift or all you’ve done is created a bigger problem within that person.

  • Addiction Coach

This last niche was tough to decide on, because there are so many amazing coaching opportunities! But I picked this one because it frustrates me to see how most of these addiction rehabs operate. The government runs these things, which means they have their nose in everything that goes on. I’m sure some have worked. (And if you want to discuss THAT further we’ll talk later.)  But I’ve seen some amazingly talented coaches create more transformation with these people in 1 hour then some people have experienced after being in rehab for 6 months. It’s truly incredible. People pay $30k+ to go to rehab. Imagine if you were able to help them for half that amount and give them more one on one attention! The sky’s the limit. Be aware there is a lot of legal liability with this niche, but it can be done properly, legally, and well.

If you have any questions about your coaching-related needs for yourself or to get into these niches, contact me! I know so many great people in these industries and have some of these people on my team.

Being coached is such a privilege. I believe in coaching. I believe in transformation.

It’s done wonderous things in my life and I’m so glad I get to not only able others with all the tools, processes, and principles I’ve learned, but to also be able to help other coaches build their craft.

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