Entrepreneur Weekly + Travis Brady: Choosing Positive Transformation.

Every now and again you get the opportunity to contribute your message to more than your immediate audience and I’m grateful to tell you about a collaboration I just finished with Entrepreneur Weekly. They’ve got this great weekly podcast where they interview top entrepreneurs in their field about ways you can grow your business or … Read more

Change is HARD!!

Change Is So Hard! I wanted to share a quick story about what I hear from people alot when I work with them. I hear, “Change is HARD!!”  OR “Why does it take so long to change?” Which is a valid statement. Behind those words are a common emotion we all feel. It’s called, ‘Frustration’ … Read more

Here is Why Change is Hard

Changing who we are can be hard! But it’s harder for other people when we change. I see it all the time. People start going into a new path in their HEALTH, CAREER, and RELATIONSHIPS only to find their closest friends and family members subconsciously sabotaging them from doing it. The fat group of friends … Read more