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Meet Travis Brady: Leading Story Brand Expert

Meet Travis Brady, Leading Story Brand Expert

Travis Brady shares his story on WHY   he got into coaching & mentoring.

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Three Seconds is All   You Have

In today's world of hyper-fast communication, three seconds is all you have to create 'buy in' to you, your brand and your product & service offerings.

Your brand is what creates that 'buy in' that desire for someone to learn more about you, your story and what you have to offer them.

I help businesses & brands like yours to stand out and CONNECT so that you can create more income and influence in your life & business.

In today's 3 second world your brand is everything


In today's 3 second world your brand is everything

Your brand is the foundation and secret to scaling your influence & income

Brand is the Secret   to scaling

Without brand, you have no identity, without identity, how can you scale your business to be unique in a hyper competitive market place?

Most people associate their branding with their colors, or the way their logo looks. But great brands are more than that. A great brand expresses the value you provide to your clients.

Mastering branding means being able to scale "at will" being able to have more customers, followers and clients who fit your ideal profile and forever avoiding being "price shopped."

Your brand is the foundation and secret to scaling your influence & income

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BrandingMentor | The Coaches Coach | Building Brand Story

Travis Brady is the founder and creator of Next Gen Coaching where he leads a team that go into service based businesses to support them in scaling their brand, marketing, & sales process, through innovative online & offline strategies to create massive influence, income and time freedom.



Travis has an uncanny ability to break down complex human behavioral challenges and simplify them into a tangle action and for transformation. Having seen his work up close for several years his consistency is top notch. 

- Bryce Prescott | Founder of Audio Automated


Branding can be an extremely nuanced and difficult thing to identify and create. What I have loved about working with Travis is his ability to simplify the process while still maintaining a deep connection to the purpose and why of the organization. As far as I’m concerned he is the best in the industry at what he does!

- Sam Knickerbocker | Wealth & Legacy Builder


Travis is full of energy and tons of value from being in the trenches of business. He crushes the stage with speaking and does amazing with personal mentoring and branding.  

- Sam Taggart | Founder of D2D

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